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Lost hearts

You can not always wait for the next big thing to make a difference. It is quite true that many of us want to stand out and make that actual difference but the truth is, not everyone can be the head in the story… There will always be a need for the rest of theContinue reading “Lost hearts”

Prosphiles Acts

There is more to the story than what meets the eye… Some stories can not be told in a day and of course some can be told in a day but as we walk on, we learn we share and the story is told. Prosphiles Acts is the story that has just begun and isContinue reading “Prosphiles Acts”

Broken pieces

As the glass fell to the ground, I watched carefully in defeat, knowing there was nothing I could do. The shattered pieces scattered all over… Surrounding the spot where I stood barefooted and the only way I could move was to first pick up the pieces. As I bent to pick one, I felt theContinue reading “Broken pieces”

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